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Month: April 2008

Split a Price (FLOAT) into Pounds (£) and Pence (p)

Whilst working on an E-commerce website, written in PHP i came across and issue where i had a price stored in a table as a float.

I wanted to split the pounds, and pence into two variables to make it easier to work with, but then save the results back into 1 field. So this is what i did.


//If you want to split a price (float) into pounds and pence.
//or dollors and cents etc etc.

$price = "6.20";

$split = explode(".", $price);
$pound = $split[0]; // piece1
$pence = $split[1]; // piece2

echo "&pound $pound . $pencen";</span></code>

Enjoy 🙂

Logmein Desktop Shortcuts (Bypass Logmein Website Login)


Step 1: Log into logmein.com

Step 2: Click on “My Computers”

Step 3: Click on “Edit Computer”

Step 4: Click on “Desktop Shortcut”

Final Step: You can now drag the [Compuer Name] onto your desktop, to create a desktop shortcut.

When you click on this shortcut, it will go directly to the login page for the COMPUTER, instead of having to login to the logmein website.

Great HUH!

You can also right click, and copy the URL, and then do what you want with it. At work we have collated a list of all our computer connections, and published it in a central place, so that everyone in the office can access any machine, directly.


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