The BCC field can usually be found underneath the CC field.

Sound’s obvious right?

You already know about the field, yes?


— but not everyone knows about it, or how to use it. I say this because I have had emails sent to me where ALL the contacts have been in the To: field.

This is bad practice because;

1) It violates the data protection act (we didn’t give permission for our email address to be shared)

2) Looks unprofessional

3) Opens us up to spam!

Whenever I get an email like this, it is usually because the person sending it is inexperienced/hasn’t had the training in proper use of email. So for those who use the BCC field correctly well done. For everyone else, please learn.

For MASS email, please enter ALL your to contacts into the BCC field, and then add your own address to the TO field. This way, ALL emails will appear to be sent to yourself, with blind carbon copies going off to everyone else.

Happy emailing.