Have you noticed that some websites have a copyright date which is wrong?

For example:

www.somecompany.com (I appologise if you own this site)

then on the site, you have, Copyright SomeCompany Ltd 2002-2006

Now, if your lucky, your site is designed so that the footer can be changed once, so the entire site is updated. Well done.
For the others… shame on you. – Redesign your site.

Anyway.. heres a way to crack it on the head once and for all.
[sourcecode language=’php’]
2003 – < ?php echo date("Y"); ?>
[sourcecode language=’php’]
2003 – < %= year %>
This way, as long as your server date is correct, your website will always be up to date. In fact, consider using date more in this way, to save yourself manual intervention.